Saturday, 8 November 2008

We thought for out next entry we'd tell you all about our favorite designers and why we like them :)


My favourite designer is RODARTE because they create unique dresses with their unusual sense of style and they always use great colours and shapes for all of their designs. The designs are stunning and you can picture yourself wearing them!! they're just such a good influence on the fashon world and to me they are just simply the best desginers of the moment!

I love the pinks and whites used in this outfit :) The flowers look like they’ve just been stuck on to the dress and i think that makes it look really classy, as does the shape and cut of the dress. The gloves are just and added bonus.

This dress is just simply beautiful, it has a real fairytale sense to it which is the main reason that it appeals to me. The pastel colours work so well and the criss-cross halter neck makes the dress unique. Stunning design :)

The four outfits above all appeal to me because off the gold’s, blacks and silvers used in each outfit. All of the outfits are individual and i also love the models crimped hair. The hats are not really my taste but they work incredibly well with the outfits as well as the gold suede gloves.


my favorite designer is Vivienne Westwood shes an English fashion designer and although she may be 67 she still knows whats hot this year. here are some of my favorite fall and spring 2008 outfits:

love this outfit because not only did Vivienne base the looks on an urban-jungle but she wanted like many of her other pieces for it to be covered in doodles and therefor enlisted 7-8 year old students to cover her fall 2008 collection in them. Model - Viktoriya Sasonkina

i like this outfit not only because its modeled by Monique Olsen one of my favorite models but she uses capes and ponchos in tartan to resemble camouflage and to link back to the whole theme of the collection.

this outfit is modeled by Mina Cvetkovic i love the way in this collection she deflates the chest and exaggerates the hips these were her signature dresses in the spring 2008 collection.

Saturday, 1 November 2008



well this is our new blog

we had a sudden brain wave the other day and there were soo many ideas that we needed a way to share them all so we came up with the idea of having a blog.
weve both discovered we have a hidden passion for photography and this space is going to be where we can share all of our thoughts out and post some of our shots

we also have a great love of fashion and this space will aslo be used to post our favourite things that are out there happening in the wonderful fashion world as we speak now!